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This article focuses on the latest economic system design of PandaHero, ​​shows the most detailed economic model and parameter design to you, helps you play the game more efficiently!

The latest economic model is quite different from the v1.0 game white paper. This white paper should prevail.



Battle is the core PVP mode of PandaHero. You can match and battle with heroes from global, and win the PDH token and ranking score.

We provide 20% of revenue every season to award players listed in the top 100 rankings. The ranking score will be cleared since a new season starts.

Force Crusade

Force Crusade

Force Crusade is a PVE gameplay combined with Battle mode. You can crusade the same force with global heroes, beat the enemies, win Merit and divide the huge prize of PDH tokens. When the goal is reached, or time’s up, the current accumulated prize of PDH tokens will be distributed to all contributors of this crusade according to the percentage of their merit.

  • PDH Pool = Initialized PDH + ∑ Current award per game * 80% (See next charpter);
  • Personal Award = Personal merit / Total merit * PDH Pool. For example, if your merit is 100 and the total is 10000, then you’ll get 1% of prize pool.
  • Merit per game = (Damage + Enemy Bonus + Treasure Bonus) * Rate. Rate is the multiple of energy cost by you at one crusade, divided into three levels: x1, x3, x5.

Probability of advanced enemy and bonus

Token Model

PDH is the utility token used in game:

  • Symbol:PDH
  • Total Supply:1 Billion
  • Network:EOS
  • Protocol:THE-OASIS
  • Precision:0
  • Smart Contract:eospandasset

PDH distribution initialization:

  • 0.92 Billion:Play to mine PDH tokens from gameplay;
  • 50 Million:Reserve for NFT mining. After the mining start,5 million PDH will be injected to the mining pool every week.;
  • 30 Million:Encourage users participating presales and beta-testing. The remaining will be stored in Panda Vault.

Mining Rules

You can play Battle or Force Crusade to get PDH tokens.

  • Battle:Winner get 80% of award per game, and loser get another 20%. Both get 50% if draw. You need to cost 100 energy ( = 0.2 EOS) to start a battle;
  • Force Crusade:PDH Pool = Initialized PDH + ∑ Current award per game * 80%*Rate. According to the yield rule, if current award of per battle is 2000 PDH, and you cost 100 energy(x1) to start a crusade, then the PDH pool receives an injection of 2000*80%*1 = 1600 PDH.

PDH Yield Rule


PDH is the only utility token in PandaHero, and it’s also the bloodline of the economy, mainly used for purchase inside the game.

When the players consume PDH in the game:

  • 60% is back to the original pool(reduce circulation);
  • 40% is deposited into Panda Vault.


  • Get rare NFTs: Consume certain PDH and draw NFTs;
  • Crypto Art Auction: Use PDH to exchange Auction Ticket;
  • Buy special NFT:Get super rare out-of-print NFT treasures;
  • Unlock NFT mining pit
  • More Gamefi scenes(in the future)
  • Exchange energy(in the future)
  • Exchange ecological equity token(in the future)
  • More and more scenes

Panda Vault

Panda Vault is used for incentive activities, such as NFT mining, system compensation, activity award, airdrop, etc.

After NFT mining starts, the PDH token in Panda Vault will be assigned every week as the rule below(different from v1.0 whitepaper):

  • 18% injected into the NFT mining pool;
  • 7% back to the game for award of battle and crusade;
  • 75% stay in the vault.

Buy Back

25% of game revenue per season is used to buy back PDH tokens from secondary market:

  • 40% will be back to the original game pool,
  • 40% will be put into the Panda Vault, and
  • 20% will be destroyed.

NFT Treasures

NFT(Non fungible token) is a mainstream standard of crypto digital assets, which can be used to uniquely characterize all assets on blockchain. Treasures are a series of NFT assets with special significance produced in the game and can be traded freely.

V1.0 we releases 120+ kinds of NFT treasures. You can consume PDH or EOS to exchange NFT treasures, or just buy in the market. As the collection becomes more complete, you can enjoy more rights and benifits.


【Travel Region】

PDH you earn from Battle and Crusade can be used to draw NFT treasures at six regions. Every region has equal status,that is, the equal number of NFT options, equal explosion rate of each grade. The only difference lies in the image of treasures from various regions.

Treasures are divided into three types in setting:

  • Legend:Legendary objects in the arena, weapons and appliances of various masters and heroes;
  • Jewllery:Valuable artifacts that attract everyone, such as treasures, antiques, and treasures;
  • Factbook:Showcasing the customs and cultures of various places, music, chess, calligraphy and painting.

According to the difficulty of drawing, the treasures are divided into three grades:Rare(R) ,Super Rare(SR), and Significant Super Rare(SSR).

To draw an NFT once, you need to consume 6000 PDH.

【Explore Fairyland】

Fairyland allows you to draw treasures using EOS. If you don’t want to spend time to mine PDH and get NFT at the same time, Fairyland is a good way for you.

The treasures and lottery prices of Fairyland are not fixed, and they can be flexibly set according to the supply and demand in the market and the types of treasures provided.

【Limited Sale】

The game will put on special NFT treasures for a limited sale at a specific time. Players can use PDH or EOS to buy them. This part of the treasure does not overlap with the treasures in the Region and Fairyland, including but not limited to the following features:

  • Commemorative NFT treasures related to specific events;
  • Co-branded NFT Treasure;
  • Specific theme NFT artwork.

Trade your NFTs

A decentralized exchange is provided inside the game, and players can freely list and sell NFTs, or directly purchase other people’s NFTs. We will take 1.5% of the transaction volume of each transaction as resource usage and management fees.

NFT recycle

You can destroy treasures and replace them with PDH. The ratio prices of three grade are as follows:

  • R:1600PDH
  • SR:3200PDH
  • SSR:40000PDH

Generally when you hold a large number of low-grade treasures and do not need to participate in NFT mining, you can recycle these treasures for PDH, and re-draw new treasures to obtain higher-grade treasures.

NFT Gameplay

Unlock Epic Buffs

Collect and hold NFT treasures to unlock advanced Buffs. The high-level Buffs will enhance your winning side in the duel and enrich the diversity of strategies. The conditions for unlocking the circle are as follows:

  • Hold a certain number of treasures of a specific grade;
  • Evaluation star;
  • Hold specific NFT trasures.


Collecting and holding different NFT treasures can accumulate collection score and improve your Evaluation. As a comprehensive indicator for players to collect treasures, Evaluation will be used in more and more game scenarios in the future. In order to encourage players to collect different treasures and trade with each other, the collection score of multiple same treasures are only calculated once.

Collection Score for each grade:

  • SP:Uncertain
  • SSR:30
  • SR:10
  • R:5

Collect treasures NFT to improve the Evaluation, and then improve the ranking in the Evaluation List. The game will use 5% of the revenue of each season to award the top 100 players in Evaluation List. The evaluation score are never cleared, which means that your ranking is continuously valid.

Bonus for Force Crusade

At Force Crusade mode, Evaluation will bring you bonus of Merit as the following rules:

NFT mining

We have 2 mining pool in PandaHero, which are PDH pool and SAPL pool,divided by two great hermit faction: Winebiber Dojo and Assassins League. You can stake your NFT to one of them, accumulate Contribution and get the daily profit of PDH and SAPL.

Personal Daily Output = Personal Daily Contribution / Total Daily Contribution * Daily Output of Pool.

🍂 PDH mining pool

PDH pool will assign 1/7 of weekly output to every players that staked NFTs every day. Weekly output of pool is not the realtime remaining pool, and will be refresh after being injected new PDH from Panda Vault.

For example, if the total number of mining pools in the N week is 1 million, the daily output will be 142,800, until new PDH are charged into the mining pool in the N+1 week. If the total amount of the mining pool in the N + 1 week after charging is 2 million, the daily output in the N + 1 week will be 285,700, until the N + 2 week PDH are injected, and so on.

Both Faction divide the daily output from the same PDH pool according to the ratio of total daily contributions. For example, if the daily contribution of both are 20,000 and 10,000, and daily total output of pool is 3,000, then the two parties will obtain 2000 and 1000 PDH respectively, and then distribute them within the faction.

🌱 SAPL mining pool

You can also stake NFTs to mine SAPL, which is the equity token of Crypto Oasis Ecosystem. SAPL holders are able to participate in major decision-making voting, income dividends, NFT airdrops and other benefits from ecosystem. Both factions divide the daily SAPL output equally.

The total supply of SAPL mining pool is 100 million, and distributed as the rules below:

Mining Rule

You need to stake 5 EOS to unlock NFT mining, and cannot redeem your EOS during mining. Every staked NFT has a 3-day freezing period, and can be reedemd after the freezing period. The collection score of NFT in staking cannot be used to calculate Evaluation.

All players can obtain contribution by staking NFTs. The calculation rules of contribution are as follows:

*The Staking time in hours, and less than one hour will not be counted.

*The contribution value is accumulated by NFT item.

Mining Pit

You have 1 mining pit at the beginning. Unlock new pit cost your PDH. The unit price is 10000 PDH a pit, and the maximum is 100 pits. Every pit is available for 1 NFT.

  • Personal Daily Contribution = ∑ Contribution of all staking NFTs in a day.
  • Daily Output = Personal contribution/ Total contribution * Daily output of pool of the faction.

Ecosystem of Crypto Oasis

We believe that blockchain games will become one of the most largest application scenarios in the blockchain. Our team’s further planning is to create an ecosystem of blockchain games based on NFT asset sharing and interaction, which is called “Crypto Oasis”.

In Crypto Oasis, the NFT assets you holds in any games can be freely transferred and reused in other games. We believe the value of NFT requires centralized endorsement, but can rely on multiple centers to make them more “decentralized”.

The platform of Crypto Oasis

We have released THE-OASIS( protocl based on EOSIO to implement NFT asset transferring among different contracts and applications. The protocol was successfully applied to our two blockchain games MobiPanda and PandaHero. Crypto Oasis mainly relies on the operation of THE-OASIS protocol, and opens the governance rights to the community.

Crypto Oasis includes serveral modules as followings:

  • Dapp store;
  • All-in-one NFT assets manager;
  • Inter-applications NFT transferring;
  • Efficiency and cheap NFT DEX;
  • DAO infrastructure and apps。

Crypto Oasis introduces its ecological governance equity tokens SAPL, which means sapling。SAPL is issued on EOS network. SAPL holders can not only enjoys the dividends of ecological products, receive special NFT airdrops, but also participate in governance of Crypto Oasis.

🌱SAPL Token Model

Total supply: 2 Billion

Precision: 4

Symbol: SAPL

  • 50% Blockchain Game Mining
  • 5% PandaHero
  • 45% Reserve for Blockchain Game in the Crypto Oasis
  • 30% NFT exchange mining
  • 10% Presales
  • 10% Community Incentives

At present, SAPL can only be obtained through NFT mining in PandaHero. More detailed introductions and plans of Crypto Oasis will be announced in the future.

Crypto Art

PandaHero combines the crypto art with gameplay and try to explore a new type or artistic expression. Each artwork and its layers are NFT with limited total amount which are produced by official and cooperative artists.

The first sale of picture scrolls is in the form of auction. Bidding requires a fixed amount of PandaHero. Bid winners can modify content of the layer within a certain range and affect new expression of artwork, which realize the secondary creation of artwork. The layer token can also be auctioned again.


We appreciate all the players from community who support us in the internal beta-testing and pre-sale phases. Whether you spend time or use money to support, we’ll give an airdrop back to you as award before the game launches. As the latest economic model has a big adjustments, we will adjust the number of airdrop according to it to maximize fairness.

According to the reduction ratio of the output rate of PDH, we will reduce the airdrops from beta-testing by 50%. For example, if your are committed to get 100,000 PDH in the beta-testing, the actual number you get will be 50,000 PDH.

Airdrop for pre-sale users will be updated to the official website. Please check!


  • 2020.07–09: Beta-testing, new PVE gameplay, publish gaming whitepaper
  • 2020.10: NFT presales, publish economy whitepaper, game launch
  • 2020.Q4: Gameplay interation, add new NFT, start NFT mining
  • 2021.Q1: Publish whitepaper of Crypto Oasis, kick off presales and airdrop of SAPL. Launch crypto art and more GameFi and NFT.
  • 2021.Q2: Make THE-OASIS opensource, add more gameplay with NFT inter-contract transferring. Universal NFT DEX launch, kick off Trade to mining.
  • 2021.Q3: Launch Crypto Oasis Platform, release swap of PDH and SAPL
  • 2021.Q4: Launch MobiPandaII, and release a new gameplay of cross-game NFT likage with PandaHero.

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